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Instructions on How to Rebrand Your PDF

Posted on 07 April 2012 by Ingming Aberia

Thank You

Let us first thank you for your interest in the series of downloadable e-books. We are confident your going over them will be worth your time.

Now let’s get down to business.

Why Rebrand?

Rebranding any of the PDF documents is important especially if you are into internet marketing. When you circulate a re-brandable document even just among your friends and close associates, your website link in those documents carry a viral effect as soon as people begin picking them up. It’s easy to see why. Your friends have their own circle of friends who also have their own friends who may have more friends.

It is therefore in each one’s interest to rebrand a report or document before launching it into orbit, as it were. Not doing it means the last one who rebranded it would have his or her link embedded in it. It further means the one whose link is live is the one who stands to collect much of the free viral traffic that such a report can generate.

But none of that should really make it hard for anyone not to rebrand. The decision to rebrand or not to rebrand is yours. Read on if you wish to rebrand.

Unlike most re-brandable ebooks or PDF reports or documents around, the IMI series are not littered with clickable links. The IMI series of ebooks/PDF reports has only one link—that of your website. In this report, for example, this link is, which is the personal website of an member. When a reader of the report clicks that link, he or she will be brought to that member’s website whose content, in all likelihood, would be promoting his/her affiliate link.

If you are not yet a member of, we suggest that you head over now to and register there. It’s easy and it’s free. There are lots of rebrandable ebooks/reports there that are meant not for your skills and knowledge enrichment in internet marketing but also, when you do rebrand, to generate free traffic to your website. Most of reports, if not all, are free.

Aside from ebooks, offers hosting packages (there is also a free package) and domain name registration, among many other high-value products and services related to internet marketing.

Rebranding Procedures

  1. Log in to your account and proceed to your download page. Download the PDF ebook or report that you want to rebrand. The filename must look like this filename_Rebrandable.pdf. Save this PDF file in your PC.
  2. From the same download page, download the file “” containing the rebranding software “PDFbrand.exe” here.
  3. Unzip the zip file. Double-click PDFBrand.exe to start the program. A pop-up window like this will appear:
  4. Drag ‘n’ Drop the PDF report/ebook/file you downloaded from into the program’s main window. Alternatively you can use the “File >> Open…” command (or the icon from the menu bar) and browse to you where your PDF report/ebook/file is located in your PC. Once the brander has successfully processed and opened the file, you’ll see the “YourName” and “Your Site URL” fields, like this:
  5. Simply fill in the blank fields with your Name for the “YourName” field (example: Malou Reyes) and your website URL for the “YourWebsiteURL” (example: ).
  6. As long as you didn’t save the document, you can choose to correct any data you entered by simply clicking into the field you want to change and entering a new value for it, overwriting the existing data.
  7. Once you’re done, hit the “Brand!” button. The Brander will automatically ask you to save a copy of the file under the name “yourfile_branded.pdf.”
  8. If you want to save the branded document under a different filename or in a different location, just click “Cancel” and enter a new name for it and/or save it in a different directory.
  9. After saving the branded file, open it (“yourfile_branded.pdf”) using the free Acrobat Reader. Click on your website and see if its link works as it should. Once you’ve made sure the PDF file was rebranded properly, you can distribute (“yourfile_branded.pdf”).
  10. Spread the word and share your report to the world.


You are on your way and here’s wishing you success in your internet marketing business.

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