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Beware of 1,500 Legally-Armed Criminals In Our Midst

Posted on 12 September 2014 by Ingming Aberia

There are at least 1,500 criminals—members of holdup gangs, kidnappers, guns for hire, thieves, etc.—who roam freely among us in our communities.

They are fully and legally armed. And they are dangerous. In fact, they are policemen!

That’s what DILG Secretary Mar Roxas said, or supposed to have said. In a press briefing following the September 1, 2014 “Hulidap” shocker in Mandaluyong City involving Quezon City policemen, Roxas said around 99 percent of 150,000 PNP personnel remain loyal to their oath and performing commendably. That leaves 1 percent, or 1,500, more or less, of our policemen being law breakers rather than law enforcers.

The video below tells us that—and more. The first part shows Roxas assuring the public that rates of criminality have, in fact, gone down. Well, what can I say? But of course, Mr. Secretary. If the criminals are under you, you would surely have control over when the number of crime incidents would pick up or slow down.

I remember a story I heard years ago in my hometown (Maydolong, Eastern Samar) about a famous delphic figure. He projected a mysterious can-solve-problems aura about him. People who lost their prized possessions—carabao, banca, plow—consulted him because he knew exactly where to find their lost items. After a time, however, it turned out this same sage and revered consultant was actually the brains behind the thievery that was going on. So how would he not know where to find the lost items? And now, how would the PNP not know how to check crime if the criminal is one of their kind?

Also, towards the middle part of his statement—please listen carefully to what he is saying—Roxas addressed the suspected PNP criminals thus: “Sumoko na PO kayo…

Who can argue against his polite manners? But then, do the criminals understand his language? Aray ko PO! Ka vibes nga ito ni Pnoy.

Soliman, too, takes refuge under the magical percentage to appease (some will say “fool” as more apt word) a disgusted public

Her attention called by a Commission on Audit (COA) report saying that 7,000 food packs meant for the barely-alive victims of Tyhpoon Yolanda have gone to waste, Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Dinky Soliman explained that the DSWD was able to distribute millions upon millions of relief goods, and that the rotten items represented only .35 percent of all the relief goods that were available for distribution to the typhoon victims.

In absolute amount, the waste was worth 2.7 million pesos, according to the COA. We can also see the relative foregone value of the waste from context and history: Tacloban City was a no-man’s land in the next few days following Yolanda. People looted establishments; they brawled over food and basic items.

Tacloban After Yolanda 1

Tacloban After Yolanda 2

Tacloban After Yoland 3

Tacloban After Yolanda 4

Some died not during the calamity itself but in the succeeding days due to hunger, wounds, shock and exhaustion.



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